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For this purpose we have the state of the art facilities with the most advanced diagnose methods. Watch our facilities and diagnose elements

The long work made by Dr. Pina as head of Oral Surgery and stomatology at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona has allowed him to study and treat patients with high complexity.

All improves when we use the correct treatment under the cares of the appropriate medical staff.

The Computer assisted surgery allows us to solve cases with the lack of bone areas and find him where It’s needed (pterigoideos y zigomatic implants) without extracting bone form other parts of our body, not only painful, also generating finctional limitation problems.

We have the last technology in growing factors of bone regeneration (platelet rich plasma). This easy, fast and economic process generates big biological results obtaining high quality alveolar bone for the implant installation.

We have all ready in order to offer to our customers a personalized treatment plan for each case, with the last generation of methods and technology in a record time (provisional prosthetics in one day).