Diagnose elements

equipo robotizadoClinca Pina has in its facilities:

  • Robotized dental equipments with specialized programmes for each of the treatments, quirurgical absorbtion with radiovisiography and also intraoral video camera.

  • Digitalized image taking as ortpantomography and Tridimensional TAC of maxilar cavity allowing us selective diagnosis previous to the treatment and the using the computer assisted cirurgy in order to be non invasive.

  • Equipment for work under conscious sedation of the patient with supervision of our anesthetics group who control and watch the health status of our patient and allows us to do longer chirurgical processes without pain, and inflammations this kind of work allows better tolerance.

  • tac tridimensionalWe have the last technology in growing factors of bone regeneration (platelet rich plasma). This easy, fast and economic process generates big biological results obtaining high quality alveolar bone for the implant installation.

We use standardized working methodology making possible to our costumers end our interventions with a provisional prosthesis. Our customers feel they have teeth all the time.

If you wish, we can make a diagnostic evaluation of your personal case and make you a personalized quote.

fotogorafia tac aparatologia centrifugadora